Alogic Dock Surface Pro Portable

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Product Code25122323 Manufacturer CodeSPDPBL-SLV
  • Complete connectivity with ports providing all the popular digital connectivity options
  • Plug & Play
  • Compact & Portable
    Alogic Portable Surface Pro Dock
The Alogic SPDPBL-SLV Surface Pro 5 & 6 Dock is the perfect solution to enhance the connectivity of your Surface Pro device. With its compact and portable design, this dock provides complete connectivity with ports offering all the popular digital connectivity options. Whether you're on the go or working at your desk, this dock ensures that you have all the ports you need to connect your peripherals.

With the Alogic Portable Surface Pro Dock, you can easily transform your Surface Pro device into a full-featured workstation. It adds all the essential ports to your Surface Pro, allowing you to connect your keyboard, mouse, external display/monitor, printer, and many more devices without any hassle. Simply connect the portable dock to your device and gain instant access to a wide array of ports.

This dock is a plug and play device, which means there is no need to install any drivers. Simply connect it to your Surface Pro and start using it right away. It connects to both the USB-A and Mini DisplayPort connectors on your device simultaneously, providing seamless connectivity.

Whether you're a professional working in an office or a student studying in a classroom, the Alogic Portable Surface Pro Dock is a must-have accessory for your Surface Pro device. Its compact and portable design allows you to easily carry it with you wherever you go. It is the perfect companion for your Surface Pro, providing you with the convenience and versatility you need.

In a New Zealand workplace, the Alogic Portable Surface Pro Dock can be used in various scenarios. For example, in an office environment, it allows employees to connect their Surface Pro devices to external displays for presentations or to connect a keyboard and mouse for a more comfortable working experience. In an educational setting, it enables students to connect their Surface Pro devices to projectors or other audiovisual equipment for interactive learning.