Bell Tea Original Tea Bags Tagless Box 500

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Product Code66663049 Manufacturer Code1671907
  • Lively, distinctive, and full of character
  • Ideal for office kitchens, staff rooms, and catering
  • Rich and refreshing flavor suitable for all day drinking
  • Convenient bulk pack of 500 tagless tea bags
  • Classic taste and quality
  • Easy to store and access
  • Suitable for small offices and large corporate settings
  • Great option for catering services
  • Experience the taste of New Zealand's favourite tea
Bell Original is a New Zealand favourite. It is a tea that is lively, distinctive and full of character. This bulk pack is ideal for Office kitchens, canteens, catering and staff rooms. Bell Original tea has a rich, refreshing flavour that is suitable for all day drinking.

The tea bags are packed in a convenient box, making it easy to store and access. No more fumbling around with loose tea bags! With Bell Tea Original, you get the classic taste and quality that New Zealanders have loved for generations.

Enjoy a cup of Bell Original tea any time of the day. Its rich and refreshing flavor is perfect for those who appreciate a good cuppa. Whether you're starting your day with a morning brew or taking a break in the afternoon, this tea will hit the spot.

Bell Tea Original Tea Bags Tagless Box 500 is ideal for workplaces of all sizes. Whether you're in a small office or a large corporate setting, this bulk pack ensures that everyone can enjoy a cup of their favourite tea. It's also a great option for catering services, ensuring that you have enough tea on hand for any event or function.

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