Color Copy Paper Uncoated 90gsm LG A4 Pack 500

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Product Code25129902 NZOS Code666330 Manufacturer CodeCCC4090
  • Leading paper for full colour printing
  • True-to-life, brilliant colour copies
  • Perfect print results
  • Specially designed for toner applications
  • Sharp prints and brilliant colour reproduction
  • Excellent paper formulation for even toner transfer
  • Decreased wear on printing machinery
  • Indigo compatible and toner approved
  • Convenient pack size of 500 sheets
  • FSC mix credit certified
    Color Copy Paper Uncoated A4 90gsm Pack 500
Color Copy is the leading paper for full colour printing, guaranteeing true-to-life, brilliant colour copies and perfect print results. Ideal for Certificates / presentations / proposals / brochures / annual reports / invitations / letterheads / compliment slips / flyers / legal documents.

In a New Zealand workplace, Color Copy Paper Uncoated A4 90gsm Pack 500 is a must-have for any office or business. Whether you need to print certificates, presentations, proposals, brochures, annual reports, invitations, letterheads, compliment slips, flyers, or legal documents, this high-quality paper is perfect for the job.

With its specially designed surface treatment, Color Copy Paper ensures sharp prints and brilliant colour reproduction. The paper formulation is excellent for perfectly even toner transfer, resulting in professional-looking prints every time. Not only does this paper produce outstanding print results, but it also helps to decrease wear on your printing machinery, ensuring their longevity.

Color Copy Paper Uncoated A4 90gsm Pack 500 is specially designed for toner applications, making it the leading choice for color laser applications. It is indigo compatible and toner approved, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of printers. The pack size of 500 sheets is convenient for small to medium-sized print jobs.

This pack of Color Copy Paper is FSC mix credit certified, which means it comes from responsibly managed forests. By choosing FSC certified products, you are supporting sustainable forestry practices and contributing to the protection of our environment.

Product Specifications:
- Product Certification: FSC Certified
- Acid Free: Yes
- Colour: White
- GSM: 90
- Opacity %: 92
- Whiteness of Paper (CIE): 161

By choosing Color Copy Paper Uncoated A4 90gsm Pack 500, you can be confident in the quality and performance of your prints. Experience true-to-life, vibrant colours and professional-looking results with this leading paper for full colour printing.
Sustainable Choices
  • Product certified independently by an accredited, industry-accepted NZ or global third party to meet specified environmental, social or other sustainability standards

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