Digitus Workspace Riser Ergonomic Sit/Stand

$302.58 each
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Product Code25125314 Manufacturer CodeDA-90380-1
  • Turn your existing desk into an ergonomic Sit/Stand desk
  • Height adjustable from 10 to 50cm
  • Spacious desktop area of 95x61cm
  • Lower deck for mouse and keyboard
  • Integrated smartphone or tablet holder
  • Predrilled hole for monitor mounts
  • Sturdy 12mm thick desktop
  • Supports up to 2 monitors
  • Ideal for home offices and professional workspaces
  • Enhance your productivity and well-being
    Digitus Ergonomic Workspace Riser Sit/stand
Turn your existing desk into an ergonomic Sit/Stand desk with the Digitus Ergonomic Workspace Riser Sit/stand. This versatile riser allows you to create your own personal ergonomic workspace at a low price point. With the ability to adjust the height from 10 to 50cm, you can easily find the perfect position for your comfort and productivity.

The spacious desktop area measures 95x61cm, providing ample space for your computer, accessories, and other essentials. You can even place up to 2 monitors on the riser, allowing you to multitask and increase your productivity.

The lower deck is designed specifically for your mouse and keyboard, ensuring that you have a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. The integrated smartphone or tablet holder keeps your devices within easy reach, allowing you to stay connected and organized.

Installation is quick and easy with the predrilled hole for monitor mounts. Simply attach your preferred Digitus mount with hole/clamp mount and enjoy a seamless setup. The sturdy 12mm thick desktop ensures stability and durability, supporting your equipment and providing a reliable workspace.

Whether you're working from home or in a professional office setting, the Digitus Ergonomic Workspace Riser Sit/stand is a game-changer for your productivity and well-being. Say goodbye to sedentary work habits and hello to a healthier, more dynamic work environment.

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