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Dilmah Premium Tagless Black Tea Bags Box 100

Product Code25000649NZOS Code725221Manufacturer Code80008024
    • Dilmah Premium Tagless Tea Bags for a delicious cup of tea any time of the day
    • Made from high quality, single origin Ceylon tea
    • Medium strength black tea
    • Box of 100 premium tea bags
    • (Order 24 Boxes to receive one Carton)
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    $7.95 /  box 100
    in stock
    Enjoy a hot cup of relaxing tea with these Dilmah Premium Tagless Tea Bags. Made from high quality Ceylon tea, these premium tea bags are the perfect blend of richness, flavour, strength and aroma, letting you enjoy a delicious cup of black tea anywhere, anytime. Great for the lunchroom, keeping in your desk drawer, and enjoying at home. Brew the tagless tea bags for 3-5 minutes to suit your taste.
    NXPlanetSustainable Choices
    • Product certified independently by an accredited, industry-accepted NZ or global third party to meet specified environmental, social or other sustainability standards
    • Product certified by an accredited third party as meeting government, industry-accepted or international standards for carbon neutrality
    • Product meets defined commercial or home compostability standards
    • The manufacture, growth or disposal of the product delivers positive outcomes for people in terms of sustainable development, fair trade, health outcomes, workforce participation or equality
    • Packaging made from 30% or more rapidly-renewable materials, bio-based plastics or agricultural residues
    • Product made from 30% or more rapidly-renewable materials, bio-based plastics or agricultural residues



    Filter Paper Compostable EN 13432

    Product Details


    Black Tea

    Package Type

    Tagless Tea Bags

    Product Type

    Black Tea

    Purchase Quantity

    Box 100

    NXPlanet Criteria

    3rd Party Certification


    Carbon Neutral



    Filter Paper EN 13432

    Social Benefit


    Sustainably Sourced Packaging


    Sustainably Sourced Product