Diversey Suma D3.5 Break Up Degreaser 5L

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Product Code86684424 Manufacturer Code5827470
  • High foaming properties for prolonged cleaning contact time
  • Quickly and effectively removes fat, grease, dirt, and soap scum
  • Versatile cleaner for floors, walls, benches, equipment, freezers, and bathrooms
  • Non-perfumed for use in food preparation areas
  • Rinses easily without leaving soap film or residue
  • Concentrated formula saves you time and money
  • Highly alkaline with a pH level of 13.2-13.5
  • Powerful cleaning solution for stubborn grease and fat
  • Suitable for a variety of workplaces in New Zealand
    Diversey D3.5 Suma Break Up Degreaser: The High Foaming Heavy Duty Degreaser for Your NZ Workplace
Introducing Diversey D3.5 Suma Break Up Degreaser, the heavy-duty degreaser that will make cleaning your workplace a breeze. With its high foaming properties, Break Up clings to vertical surfaces and prolongs cleaning contact time, making it ideal for use in butcher shops, bakeries, delicatessens, produce departments, restaurants, washrooms, institutional kitchens, and food processing plants in New Zealand. It is non-perfumed, making it safe for use in food preparation areas. Break Up is a versatile cleaner that can be used on floors, walls, benches, equipment, freezers, and bathrooms.

Break Up is a quick and effective solution for removing fat, grease, dirt, and even soap scum. It dissolves grease and fat quickly, saving you time and money. The best part? It rinses easily without leaving any soap film or residue behind. Say goodbye to stubborn grease stains and hello to a cleaner, more hygienic workplace.

Break Up is a concentrated degreaser, which means you can dilute it to suit your needs. It has a pH level of 13.2-13.5, making it highly alkaline and effective against stubborn grease and fat. With its high foam properties, Break Up is a powerful cleaning solution that will leave your workplace looking and smelling fresh.

In short, Diversey D3.5 Suma Break Up Degreaser is the heavy-duty cleaner that will save you time and money. Its high foaming properties and quick-dissolving formula make it ideal for use in a variety of workplaces in New Zealand. Order now and experience the power of Break Up for yourself!






Container Type




Stain Removal

Grease, Fat, Soap scum





pH Level



High foam


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Pale yellow

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