Energizer Industrial 9V Battery Alkaline Box 12

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Product Code55550013 Manufacturer CodeEN22DP12
  • Alkaline technology for reliable power
  • Voltage of 9 for compatibility with various devices
  • Pack of 12 batteries for convenience
  • Suitable for powering smoke detectors, wireless microphones, and security systems
  • Consistent and reliable power supply
  • Long-lasting performance
    Energizer Industrial 9V Battery Alkaline Box 12
For more than 100 years, Energizer - through continuous invention and innovation - has played a vital role in how people live, work and communicate. Energizer powers people's lives around the globe by offering consumers superior value in portable power and lighting products and creating and delivering superior consumer and customer solutions that elevate Energizer as the global portable power leader.

The Energizer Industrial 9V Battery is a high-quality alkaline battery that provides reliable power for a wide range of devices. With a voltage of 9, this battery is designed to deliver long-lasting performance. The pack includes 12 batteries, ensuring that you always have a backup on hand.

In a New Zealand workplace, the Energizer Industrial 9V Battery is the perfect choice for powering various devices. Whether it's smoke detectors, wireless microphones, or security systems, this battery is capable of providing the necessary power to keep them running smoothly. Its alkaline technology ensures a consistent and reliable power supply.

With its alkaline technology, the Energizer Industrial 9V Battery offers a reliable and long-lasting power source. Its 9V voltage is suitable for a wide range of devices, making it a versatile choice. The pack of 12 batteries ensures that you always have a backup available, minimizing the risk of running out of power when you need it the most.

In a New Zealand workplace, the Energizer Industrial 9V Battery can be used in various scenarios. For example, it is ideal for powering smoke detectors in office buildings or healthcare facilities. It can also be used in wireless microphones during presentations or performances. Additionally, security systems can benefit from the consistent and reliable power supply provided by this battery.

Overall, the Energizer Industrial 9V Battery Alkaline Box 12 is a reliable and versatile power solution for a variety of devices in New Zealand workplaces.




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