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Filta Wonder Sponge Magic Eraser

Product Code18861593 Manufacturer Code92002
  • Uses advanced Nano-fibre technology for powerful cleaning
  • Removes difficult dirt stains from all washable surfaces
  • No need for harsh chemicals - just add water
  • Can be cut to any size for versatile use
  • Eraser-like design ensures a fresh cleaning surface
  •  280mm x 110mm x 35mm
$5.56  /  each
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    Filta Wonder Sponge - The Nano-fibre Cleaning Pad
Introducing the Filta Wonder Sponge Cleaning Pad, the perfect solution for removing difficult dirt stains from all washable surfaces. This cleaning pad uses advanced Nano-fibre technology to provide a powerful cleaning experience without the need for harsh chemicals. The Filta Wonder Sponge is incredibly versatile and can be used to remove stubborn marks, clean pots and pans, taps and sinks, bathroom grime, and even glass surfaces. With its eraser-like design, the sponge pad will wear out a little as you use it, ensuring that you always have a fresh, effective cleaning surface.

In addition to its cleaning power, the Filta Wonder Sponge is incredibly easy to use. Simply wet the sponge and use it on any washable surface. There is no need to use harsh chemicals, as the sponge works perfectly with just water. The sponge can also be cut to any size, making it a versatile addition to any cleaning kit.

If you're looking for a powerful and effective cleaning solution that is also environmentally friendly, look no further than the Filta Wonder Sponge. Made with the latest in Nano-fibre technology, this sponge pad is the perfect choice for any New Zealand workplace.

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