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Griffins Chocolate Fingers Biscuits 180g

Product Code18915676Manufacturer Code41358
    • An elegant finger shape biscuit that will satisfy the taste buds
    • A sweet, crispy biscuit is smothered in milk chocolate for a tasty treat
    • Great for meetings, events, parties, morning & afternoon teas & more
    • A 180g packet of biscuits
    • Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Fat, (Antioxidant (306)), Milk Solids, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Invert Syrup, Golden Syrup, Emulsifiers, ( Soy Lecithin, 476), Salt, Raising Agents, (450, Baking Soda), Natural Colour (Annatto Extracts), Natural Flavours
    • May contain Peanuts and Other Nuts
    • Contains: Wheat (Gluten), Milk Products and Soybean Products
    • Produced in a factory handling Egg Products and Sesame Seeds
    • Contains: 40% Milk Chocolate
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    * Offer expires Dec 31, 2021
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    These Griffin's Chocolate Finger Biscuits are an elegant serving of delicious chocolatey goodness. Sweet, crispy biscuits in a delicate finger shape are coated in real milk chocolate for this irresistible treat. Excellent for catering and events, morning and afternoon teas, parties, meetings and a satisfying snack with your coffee. The finger-sized portions are a great way of adding a touch of sweetness to your day without overindulging. Biscuits that consist of a biscuit centre covered in chocolate to create slender crispy chocolate treats, you won't stop at just one.

    Meets NXPlanet  Recycled Content  Criteria -Product contains 20% or more recycled post-consumer waste - Packaging PET Tray 82% recycled

      Crunchy finger cookies with creamy milk chocolate.

    NXPlanetSustainable Choices
    • Product contains 20% or more recycled post-consumer waste



    Milk chocolate

    Total Weight

    200 g

    Product Information

    Product Type

    Biscuit - ready meal

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    Recycled Content


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