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Griffins Chocolate Mint Treat Sensations Biscuits 200g

Product Code72576304Manufacturer Code43312
    • A deliciously indulgent chocolate mint experience
    • Ideal for conferences, meeting rooms or dinner party treats
    • A 200g packet of chocolate mint biscuits
    • Ultimate mint indulgence
    • Contains: Wheat (Gluten), Milk products and Soybean Products
    • Produced in a factory handling Egg Products, Peanuts Other Nuts, and Sesame Seed
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    $4.39 /  pack 1
    * Offer expires Dec 31, 2021
    in stock
    Mint flavoured crème biscuit covered in dark chocolate you won't be able to resist and stop at one! Pure indulgent treat, best enjoyed after a busy day.

    Meets NXPlanet  Recycled Content  Criteria -Product contains 20% or more recycled post-consumer waste - Packaging PET Tray 82% recycled
    NXPlanetSustainable Choices
    • Product contains 20% or more recycled post-consumer waste

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