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Griffins Shrewsbury Biscuits 195g

Product Code72581609NZOS Code110052Manufacturer Code43909
    • Shortbread biscuits with strawberry filling
    • Ideal for an afternoon snack, a lunchbox treat or in meeting rooms for tea
    • A 195g packet of shortbread biscuits with a strawberry filling
    • Contains: Wheat (Gluten), Milk products and Soybean Products
    • Produced in a factory handling Egg Products, Peanuts Other Nuts, and Sesame Seed
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    $5.28 /  pack 1
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    Cookie Bear provides the magic in the middle with his Shortbread Biscuits, cut out shapes of heart, circle or star packed with yummy strawberry filling. One is never enough.

    Meets NXPlanet  Recycled Content  Criteria -Product contains 20% or more recycled post-consumer waste - Packaging PET Tray 82% recycled
    NXPlanetSustainable Choices
    • Product contains 20% or more recycled post-consumer waste


    Product Type

    Biscuit - ready meal


    Total Weight

    195 g

    NXPlanet Criteria

    Recycled Content


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