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Moccona Classic Medium Roast Instant Coffee Tin 500g

Product Code85202000NZOS Code110002Manufacturer Code1671868
    • Freeze dried instant coffee
    • Premium quality
    • Re-sealable can
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    $42.50 /  each
    in stock
    The place where Arabica and Robusta beans meet for a rounded, balanced flavour is called Moccona Medium Roast. We think of it as the happy medium. It's full bodied, richly aromatic and just right for your everyday coffee moment.
      A cup of Moccona gives you a chance to enjoy a special moment, and immerse yourself in a place where you can escape the everyday.

    Product Details

    Country of Origin

    The Netherlands



    Package Type


    Product Type

    Instant Coffee

    Production Method

    Freeze Dried

    Purchase Quantity




    Single Pack Size


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