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Nestle Milo Tin 1.9kg

Product Code86514699 NZOS Code110028 Manufacturer Code109394
  • Low GI* to provide sustained energy to keep you going for longer
  • (*Glycemic Index = 40 (Low) made with trim milk)
  • Source of Protein to help nourish growing muscles
  • 8 Vitamins and minerals to support effective energy release in the body
  • When MILO and milk is consumed as part of a healthy diet containing a variety of foods
  • UTZ Certified
$38.16  /  each
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Classic NZ Taste Milo drink Kiwis have known and loved for more than 80 years, delivering a malty, milky flavour along with that rich chocolaty taste that Kiwi’s love!
NXPlanetSustainable Choices
  • Product certified independently by an accredited, industry-accepted NZ or global third party to meet specified environmental, social or other sustainability standards
  • Product and/or packaging meets defined standards for recycling via programmes operating in the NZ market
  • The manufacture, growth or disposal of the product delivers positive outcomes for people in terms of sustainable development, fair trade, health outcomes, workforce participation or equality
  • Packaging made from 30% or more rapidly-renewable materials, bio-based plastics or agricultural residues




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Hot chocolate


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NXPlanet Criteria

3rd Party Certification

Rainforest Alliance



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Sustainably Sourced Packaging


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