NXP Ballpoint Pen Retractable Medium 1.0mm Blue Box 12

$11.61 pack 12
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Product Code25077316 Manufacturer Code30500
  • Smooth and effortless writing experience
  • Retractable design for convenience
  • Comfortable rubber grip for extended writing
  • Medium point size of 1.0mm for bold and clear lines
  • Translucent barrel for easy ink supply monitoring
  • Sleek blue design adds style to your workspace
  • Versatile and suitable for various writing tasks
  • Pack of 12 for ample supply
    NXP Ballpoint Pen Retractable 1.0mm Blue Box 12 - Smooth Writing and Comfortable Grip
The NXP Ballpoint Pen Retractable 1.0mm Blue Box 12 is the perfect choice for your writing needs. Whether you're taking notes, writing reports, or simply jotting down ideas, this pen will provide you with a smooth and effortless writing experience.

Featuring a retractable design, this pen allows you to conveniently extend or retract the tip with a simple click. No more worrying about losing the cap or getting ink stains in your bag or pocket. Just click and write!

One of the standout features of this pen is its comfortable rubber grip. The soft comfort grip ensures that you can write for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue. Say goodbye to cramped fingers and hello to effortless writing.

With a medium point size of 1.0mm, this pen is perfect for everyday writing tasks. The medium point creates bold and clear lines, making your writing easy to read and understand. Whether you're writing on paper or making notes on a whiteboard, this pen will deliver consistent and reliable performance.

The translucent barrel of this pen allows you to easily see the ink supply, so you'll never run out of ink unexpectedly. Keep track of your ink levels and ensure that you always have a pen ready when you need it.

Not only is this pen functional, but it also looks great. The sleek blue design adds a touch of style to your workspace, making it the perfect addition to any office or classroom.

In a workplace, the NXP Ballpoint Pen Retractable 1.0mm Blue Box 12 can be used in various ways. It is ideal for taking notes during meetings, writing reports, filling out forms, and even doodling during brainstorming sessions. Its comfortable grip and smooth writing make it a must-have tool for any professional or student.

With a pack size of 12, you'll have plenty of pens to keep you going. Whether you want to stock up for your own personal use or supply your entire team, this box of 12 pens is a cost-effective solution.

Invest in the NXP Ballpoint Pen Retractable 1.0mm Blue Box 12 today and experience the joy of smooth writing and comfortable grip. Say goodbye to inconvenient caps and uncomfortable grips. This pen is designed to make writing a pleasure.

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