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NXP Memo Cube Refill Large Standard Full Size

Product Code00006872NZOS Code6872Manufacturer Code252EXP
    • Full size memo cube refill, approx 1000 sheets
    • Assorted pastel colours
    • Paper measures 96x96mm to suit standard sized holders.
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    $10.42 /  each
    in stock
    Refills of coloured paper come in either standard half size packs of approximately 500 sheets, or large full size packs of approximately 1000 sheets. Purchase complete with holder and refill, or as separate items. Refill paper measures 96x96mm.
    NXPlanetSustainable Choices
    • Product certified independently by an accredited, industry-accepted NZ or global third party to meet specified environmental, social or other sustainability standards

    NXPlanet Criteria

    3rd Party Certification


    Memo cubes and refills

    Always have a refill on hand to keep your Memo Cubes topped up