NXP Office Tape 24mm x 66m Clear Roll

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Product Code25077225 Manufacturer CodeNXP13524
  • Crystal clear on the roll and on your paper
  • Smooth and quiet unwind
  • Non-yellowing
    NXP Office Tape 24mmx66m Clear
Clear Office Tapes are crystal clear on the roll and on your paper. This office tape is a high quality office tape designed for busy offices that demand quality. Smooth and quiet unwind and non-yellowing. Dimensions are: 24(w)mmx66(l)m.

In a workplace, NXP Office Tape 24mmx66m Clear is a must-have for any office or workplace. Whether you need to seal envelopes, wrap gifts, or stick documents together, this clear tape is the perfect solution. It provides a strong and reliable hold, ensuring that your papers and packages stay securely fastened.

One of the key features of this office tape is its crystal clear appearance. Unlike other tapes that may appear cloudy or yellowish, NXP Office Tape 24mmx66m Clear remains transparent, both on the roll and on your paper. This makes it ideal for use in professional settings where presentation matters.

Another advantage of this office tape is its smooth and quiet unwind. The tape unwinds easily and smoothly, without any annoying screeching or tearing sounds. This not only makes it more pleasant to use, but also reduces the risk of disturbing others in the office.

NXP Office Tape 24mmx66m Clear is also non-yellowing, which means it will not become discolored or lose its transparency over time. This is particularly important for documents or packages that need to be stored or displayed for a long period of time. You can trust that this tape will maintain its clarity and professional appearance.

With dimensions of 24mm in width and 66m in length, this office tape provides ample coverage for all your sealing and sticking needs. It is suitable for use with a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, and lightweight parcels.

Overall, NXP Office Tape 24mmx66m Clear is a reliable and versatile office essential. Its crystal clear appearance, smooth unwind, and non-yellowing properties make it the perfect choice for any workplace.

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