NXP Staples No. 26/6 Standard 23 Sheet Box 5000

$3.55 box 5000
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Product Code25077342 NZOS Code599666 Manufacturer Code30704
  • Strong wire staples with sharp edges for quality penetration
  • Compatible with most desktop staplers and long arm staplers
  • Leg length of 6mm
  • Box of 5000 staples
  • Sleek silver color for a professional look
    NXP No. 26/6 Staples Standard 23 Sheet Box 5000
Introducing the NXP No. 26/6 Staples Standard 23 Sheet Box 5000, the perfect solution for all your stapling needs in a workplace. These strong wire staples with sharp edges guarantee quality penetration of up to 30 sheets, making them ideal for both standard-size hand and long arm staplers.

With a leg length of 6mm, this box of 5000 staples is designed to provide you with long-lasting performance. Whether you're working in an office, school, or any other professional setting, these staples are sure to meet your stapling requirements.

In a workplace, the NXP No. 26/6 Staples Standard 23 Sheet Box 5000 can be used in a variety of ways. From attaching documents together, securing important papers, to organizing files, these staples are a versatile tool that can help streamline your work processes.

Made with durability in mind, these staples are built to withstand the demands of everyday use. The sharp edges ensure a secure grip on your papers, preventing them from coming loose. This not only keeps your documents organized but also reduces the risk of losing important information.

The NXP No. 26/6 Staples Standard 23 Sheet Box 5000 is compatible with most desktop staplers and long arm staplers, making it a convenient choice for any workplace. Whether you're using a compact stapler on your desk or a larger stapler for bigger projects, these staples will deliver reliable and consistent performance.

This box of 5000 staples provides you with a generous supply, minimizing the need for frequent restocking. With such a large quantity, you can confidently tackle any stapling task without worrying about running out of staples.

In addition to their practicality, these staples also feature a sleek silver color that adds a touch of professionalism to your documents. Whether you're stapling reports, presentations, or other important papers, these staples will give your work a polished and finished look.



2-30 sheets



Compatible Consumables

Standard-size hand and long arm staplers

Packaged Quantity

Box 5000

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