Post-it Super Sticky Self-Adhesive Notes 654-5SSAN Primaries/Marrakesh 76x76mm Assorted Colour Pack5

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Product Code10003463 NZOS Code880022 Manufacturer Code70005249969
  • Twice the sticking power compared to regular sticky notes
  • Reliably sticks and re-sticks
  • Moveable throughout the day
  • Playful Primaries collection with rainbow hues
  • Pack of 5 pads with 90 sheets per pad
    Post-it Super Sticky Self-Adhesive Notes 654-5SSAN Primaries/Marrakesh 76x76mm Assorted Colour Pack5
Post-it Super Sticky Notes in 76mm x 76mm size feature 2X the sticking power. Unique adhesive reliably sticks and re-sticks so your message can stay front and centre. Move your notes with you throughout the day. Add joy to the day alongside celebrated rainbow hues from the Playful Primaries collection. Previously known as Marrakesh colour collection. 90 sheets per pad. Pack of 5 pads.

In a workplace, Post-it Super Sticky Self-Adhesive Notes are a must-have for staying organized and keeping important information easily accessible. Whether it's jotting down reminders, leaving messages for colleagues, or marking important pages in documents, these sticky notes are versatile and practical.

The 76mm x 76mm size is perfect for capturing quick notes and messages. The Super Sticky feature provides 2X the regular sticking power, ensuring that your notes stay securely in place. The unique adhesive allows for reliable sticking and re-sticking, so you can move your notes around as needed without losing their adhesive properties.

The Playful Primaries collection, previously known as Marrakesh, adds a touch of joy and vibrancy to your workspace. The assorted rainbow hues bring a pop of colour to your notes, making them more visually appealing and easy to spot.

Each pack contains 5 pads of Post-it Super Sticky Self-Adhesive Notes, with 90 sheets per pad. This ensures that you have an ample supply of sticky notes to use for various purposes. Whether you're stocking up for your own needs or supplying your entire team, this pack size is convenient and cost-effective.
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