RJ's Mackintosh Toffees 1kg

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  • Delicious chewy fun in a deluxe assortment of flavors
  • Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients
  • Perfect for a 99% fat-free treat
  • Convenient 1kg bag
  • Great for sharing with friends, family, and colleagues
    RJ's Mackintosh Toffees Bag 1Kg - Delicious Chewy Fun!
Mackintosh's Toffees are an old Kiwi favourite. Traditional, sweet and delicious chewy fun in a deluxe assortment of great flavours including mint, coconut, malt, egg and cream, toffee and harrogate. Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients, these toffees are a must-have treat for any sweet tooth.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a luscious piece of Mackintosh's Toffee, feeling the smooth texture and savoring the rich, sweet flavors. Each toffee is made with care and expertise, ensuring a delightful taste experience every time.

These toffees are perfect for keeping on hand as a 99% fat-free treat. Whether you enjoy them at home, in the office, or on the go, they are a convenient and delicious way to satisfy your cravings. The 1kg bag ensures you have plenty to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

The ingredients of these toffees include glucose syrup, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, vegetable oil, butter, malt extract, desiccated coconut, salt, and flavors. Please note that these toffees contain milk and barley, so if you have any allergies, be sure to check the allergen warnings.

RJ's Mackintosh Toffees Bag 1Kg can be a delightful addition to the office pantry. They are great for team meetings, afternoon pick-me-ups, or simply as a tasty reward for a job well done. The assortment of flavors adds variety and excitement to your snacking options.

Indulge in the nostalgic taste of Mackintosh's Toffees and experience the joy of a classic Kiwi treat. Order your bag of RJ's Mackintosh Toffees Bag 1Kg today and satisfy your sweet tooth!


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