Stabilo Boss Highlighter Chisel Tip 2-5.0mm Yellow

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Product Code00005022 NZOS Code100380 Manufacturer Code70247
  • High performance acrylic fibre tip
  • Instant drying and waterproof
  • Anti-Dry-Out Technology for up to 4 hours cap-off time
  • Water-based pigment ink for lasting colours
  • Slanted tip for 2 line widths 2.0 or 5.0mm
    Use Stabilo Boss highlighters to attract immediate attention to a word or a paragraph by highlighting with these brightly coloured ink markers. Long cap-off time of up to 4hrs. Line width is 2-5mm. For a full box, order 10.
The Stabilo Boss Highlighter Chisel Tip 2.0-5.0mm Yellow is the ultimate tool for highlighting important information in the office or classroom. With its high performance acrylic fibre tip, this highlighter delivers precise and vibrant lines that are instant drying and waterproof. Whether you need to mark papers, textbooks, or any other type of surface, this highlighter is up to the task.

One of the standout features of the Stabilo Boss Highlighter is its Anti-Dry-Out Technology, which allows for up to 4 hours of cap-off time without drying out. This means you can confidently leave the highlighter uncapped while you attend to other tasks, without worrying about it losing its effectiveness. The water-based pigment ink ensures lasting and vibrant colours, so your highlights will remain clear and eye-catching for a long time.

The Stabilo Boss Highlighter features a slanted tip, allowing you to choose between two line widths - 2.0mm or 5.0mm. This versatility makes it suitable for both underlining important text and highlighting larger sections. The chisel tip design also ensures smooth and consistent ink flow, so you can achieve clean and precise lines every time.

With its durable construction and long-lasting ink, the Stabilo Boss Highlighter is a reliable tool that will withstand the demands of a busy workplace. Whether you're a student, a professional, or anyone in between, this highlighter is a must-have for anyone who needs to emphasize important information.

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