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Vegware HCU06 Hot Cup Seedling Art Compostable 6oz (230ml Brim) Fits 79mm Lid Carton 1000

Product Code25080739Manufacturer CodeHCU06
    • 78mm height x 79mm diameter
    • Hot cup with optional hot lid
    • Compatible Optional Lid 25080740
    • Made from plant materials
    • Sustainable and renewable
    • Commercially Compostable Convenience without guilt
    • A Cup Dispenser is available for near your Coffee machine or Water dispenser - our Product Code 25119707 / HCCHJ
    • Carton 1000
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    $91.12 /  carton 1000
    in stock
    Sustainable, compostable cup, suitable for hot and cold drinks. Fits 79mm CPLA lid. Made from sustainably sourced paper board, lined with plant-based PLA. Carries multiple sustainability certifications, commercially compostable. Why do we still send so much waste to landfill in New Zealand, with so much promotion and effort going into waste reduction and recycling? There is a reason… Food contaminates packaging, making it uneconomic to recycle the packaging… Packaging contaminates food, so the food scraps cannot be composted… as a result both end their life in landfill. It makes sense then to use Compostable Packaging, so food & packaging can be composted together, returning to the earth from where it came, a cycle… the very definition of sustainability and part of the new circular economy. Vegware are an award-winning global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice ware, sustainably sourced, renewable or recycled and lower carbon, and all can be commercially composted with food waste… Saving landfill, litter and pollution… Convenience without guilt and guaranteed not to last.
      This cup is made entirely from plant materials and independently certified to commercial compostable packaging standards. Returning to the earth from where it came within 6 months
    NXPlanetSustainable Choices
    • Product meets defined commercial or home compostability standards



    6oz 230ml brim Height 78mm x Diameter 79mm




    Compatible Lid


    Packaged Quantity

    Carton 1000

    Product Type

    Disposable Cups

    Purchase Quantity

    Carton 1000

    Product Details



    NXPlanet Criteria


    Commercially Compostable

    Breakroom basics

    Keep the cupboards stocked

    Compostable kitchen supplies

    Products that break down in a way that's far kinder to the environment than plastic after it has been used. Compostable items return to earth quickly and safely when disposed of correctly.

    Compatible lid

    Vegware Hot Cup 6, 8, and 12 ounce lid