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Kia Ora,

Exciting times.

We’re excited to announce that we have changed ownership and will operate under a new name! Winc New Zealand is now Net Xpress Procurement. We’re the same product sourcing and distribution company you’ve always known, but now we are 100% kiwi owned.

Why the change?

In 2017, our parent company, Staples, sold the Australian and New Zealand arms of its global business to Platinum Equity, a private US equity firm. Soon after, we rebranded to Winc - Work Incorporated. Then in 2018, Platinum Equity purchased our top competitor in Australia and NZ, Office Max

The Commerce Commission was concerned the transaction would lessen competition in NZ. To reduce that concern Platinum Equity decided to sell Winc NZ. We are excited now to be 100% kiwi, owned by a NZ group of investors, led by majority shareholder Tom Sturgess.

100% Kiwi Owned.

The good news is that our new owner encourages autonomy and invests in its businesses. We will continue to operate with autonomy. We love being kiwi owned for the first time in more than 20 years. In a short period of time, we’ve:

  • implemented new systems,
  • increased staff by 25% and
  • started to rebrand ourselves

Our mission:

Deliver cost effective workplace solutions for all businesses, while increasing staff engagement.

We’re now Net Xpress Procurement, or NXP. We’re taking care of business!

Why Net Xpress Procurement?

Our commitment is to help all businesses, big or small. We offer cost savings from product consolidation and custom supply chain services while focusing on worker engagement.

Net stands for online but also bottom line. Both have been our strength since day one.

We’re fast and responsive, hence the Xpress, and we understand Procurement better than anyone.

We’re a true specialist constantly learning and challenging the status quo to deliver you savings and increase your staff engagement and productivity.

Tell us what you think

We’ve got a bit of work to do over the coming weeks as we gear up for our new future. You will see us change our branding from Winc to NXP, on all our websites, presentation materials, email signatures, own brand products and catalogues.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop us a line at we’d love to hear from you. Or you can call our local customer care team on 0800 800 547.

Questions? Here are answers we've prepared already.

Important information.

  • has changed to
  • From July 1st you will no longer be able to login from
  • We'll still be offering you the same great service.

Access to takes me to Why is that?

We want to ensure a smooth transition for everyone and have time to fix potential problems. Starting in May 2019, became If you have any links, bookmarks or shortcuts to please ensure they are updated to as links to will stop working in the future.

When I visit I get an error telling me I do not have access to this site, what do I do?

Your business has blocked the domain or it needs adding to a whitelist. Contact your IT department and notify them of the problem. You can also contact and ask for help.

Has my username and password changed on

No. Your login is the same as it was on

Your web browser may not remember your login details. If you have forgotten your username or password contact 0800 800 547 or email

I go to to login, can I still do this?

No. From July 1 2019 you will no longer be able to sign in to shop from Your links and bookmarks will need updating to


Will email addresses like still work?

No. From July 1 the emails will no longer reach staff at NXP.

Update your email contacts to

On March 5th an email went to every NXP customer from our new email address. If you did not receive an email please check your spam and junk folders as we don’t want to lose touch with you.

Please update the email addresses you have for your NXP contacts in your address book now.

Account Setup.

What’s changing?

Our trading name has changed from Winc to Net Xpress Procurement (NXP)

We don’t plan on changing GST number, company number or bank account.

Are you still Net Express NZ Limited?

Yes. But we will be changing to Net Xpress Procurement Limited in the future. We bookmarked this name and you may have found it when searching the Companies Office, but it is not active.

When the time comes we will transfer the new company name to our existing company number that we’ve had since 1950.

Do I need you to complete a new credit application?

No. Only our trading name and email addresses are changing.

Shopping experience.

Is the shopping experience different on

No. is based on the same website as Our ambition is to constantly improve the experience of our customers.

Over time, expect new features on our website that will help you find, order and receive products more efficiently.

Will my day to day account be affected?

No. We've planned the change from Winc to NXP to have the least impact to you. You will see some differences such as NXP logo and branding on delivery dockets and invoices. Our customer care team and delivery drivers are the same kiwis who have always provided you with outstanding service.

I have an Account Manager and special service agreements. Will anything change?

No. We will provide you with the same dedicated service.

Will products or delivery lead times change?

No. Products and delivery times will be the same as before.

Who do I contact for help?

For all queries, new and old, contact our dedicated NZ based customer care team on 0800 800 547 or email