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Smart Alert Level Delivery Solution

Don't worry about rushing around, trying to procure the products you need when you get back to work. NXP is proud to be the only business in New Zealand to offer a smart Alert Level delivery solution - NXPriority.

  1. Preorder now, pay later
  2. Inventory is reserved for you
  3. Tell us the Alert Level to send your order during checkout
  4. Receive your products at the right time

What is NXPriority?

Following the recent Delta outbreak within New Zealand, it is important now more than ever that we at NXP support our valued customers in taking care of your business.

NXPriority is a custom delivery solution that allows you to preorder now for delivery when your business returns to work, or redirect your order to another location such as your home. We’ll automatically dispatch your goods when your business reaches a specific alert level.

How NXPriority Works

  • Place your order as normal
  • At checkout choose when to dispatch the order
  • Your inventory is reserved for you
  • Our systems are constantly monitoring updates to Alert Levels
  • When your region changes Alert Level, we automatically release your orders