Our Community

We're proud to be supporters of several community and charity organisations in the following ways:

Auckland City Mission

Managing 30,000 inventory items is quite a job and from time to time we're unable to sell them all.

Some are nearing expiry, customer usage may have changed, or we review our range and discontinue line items in favour of new ones.

That means we have surplus stock which is perfectly useable or edible, but we're not able to sell it.

We're enjoying being able to donate this surplus and obsolete stock to worthy charities, and our latest benefactor is the Auckland City Mission.

It's such a buzz being able to donate to a group who do so much good for our community, and who are so appreciative.

image of trucks for auckland city mission

Photo by Nuno Ricardo -Unsplash

Cycling NZ Northern Schools Tour

A small effort from NXP can contribute greatly to the wider community and one way we're delighted to be able to help is for a school's sporting event held in September in our local Highbrook neighbourhood.

From 7am to 4pm, the Cycling NZ Northern Schools Tour is held in and around Waiouru Rd in East Tāmaki, and we offer our carpark to be used as the "village" for the day.

We clean up our carpark, driveway, and loading bays so these are beautifully presented for the day.

Love Grace

NXP whānau have become regular supporters of the Love Grace handbag appeal, held in June and July each year.

The appeal is in honour of British backpacker Grace Millane, who was tragically murdered while travelling in New Zealand in December 2018.

Grace was a lover of handbags and her family have established a charity which collects toiletries, luxury items, and other essentials that will help women in need get to a safer future, creating a legacy in Grace's name to end violence towards women.

Our contribution in 2022 was gratefully received by an Auckland Victim Support survivor's group.

image of bags donated to love grace

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

Our enthusiastic “NXPlayers” group promoted wellness and support for mental health by holding mindfulness sessions each Wednesday during the month of August – Mindfulness Month.

To acknowledge the importance of mental health, we also collected donations for the Mental Health Foundation, where staff were able to donate on an individual basis and NXP doubled the money.


Will&Able is the first social enterprise of its kind in New Zealand.

They are on a mission to establish a business that is owned and operated by people with disabilities and have a goal of employing as many disabled people as possible.

Will&Able manufacture a range of eco-friendly bathroom and cleaning products which NXP supports by stocking and offering as part of our business supplies range.

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Westpac Rescue Rashies

Research shows that only 18% of Kiwis would be comfortable performing CPR if it was needed.

Since 2021, we've proudly partnered with Westpac to raise money for the regional Westpac NZ rescue helicopters by selling Kids' Rescue Rashies with CPR instructions.

We not only procured the rashies that have full CPR instructions in the zip away front and built a customer retail site for Westpac's customers and the public to purchase from, but also warehoused and despatched them to the customers.

The Westpac Rescue Rashies come in four sizes, from two to eight years old. You can buy one for 25 + postage and 100% of the purchase price will go toward your local rescue Chopper.

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boy holding a westpac rashie

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We're keen to support other New Zealand social enterprises by offering their products to our wide and growing business customer base.

Leave a suggestion below if you know of a social enterprise we should support.