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Welcome to nxp.nz!

We've had different names in the last 70 years but we are the same product sourcing and distribution company you have always known, and now proud to be 100% kiwi owned.



Geo Berryman founded in Christchurch.


Corporate Express

Dutch company Corporate Express buys Berryman.



US office supplies company Staples Inc. take over.



US Platinum Equity buys Staples and rebrands to Winc.


NZ investors buy Winc New Zealand and NXP is born.

Please update your old links and bookmarks to www.nxp.nz and delete any links to winc.co.nz or netxpress.co.nz. They will soon no longer work.

Your user name and password has not changed. If you have forgotten your login details, please contact Customer Care on 0800 800 547 or email yes@nxp.nz