NXP Laminating Pouches A4 80 Micron Pack 100

$32.68 pack 100
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Product Code25077363 NZOS Code220284 Manufacturer Code30767
  • Gloss finish for enhanced appearance
  • A4 size for versatile use
  • 80 micron thickness for durability
  • Pack of 100 for ample supply
    NXP Laminating Pouches A4 80 Micron Pack 100
Icon Laminating Pouches have a gloss finish that protect your documents. Ideal for printing posters, notices or anything you want to protect against dirt and water. A4 80 micron pouches come in a pack of 100.

In a workplace, NXP Laminating Pouches A4 80 Micron Pack 100 are an essential item for maintaining the longevity of important documents. Whether you need to protect posters, notices, or any other printed materials, these pouches are the perfect solution.

The gloss finish of the pouches not only enhances the appearance of your documents, but also provides a protective layer against dirt and water. This ensures that your documents remain in pristine condition, even in high-traffic areas.

With a thickness of 80 microns, these laminating pouches offer a durable and sturdy protection for your documents. They are designed to withstand frequent handling and can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

The pack of 100 pouches provides you with ample supply to meet your laminating needs. Whether you are working in an office, school, or any other professional setting, this pack size ensures that you always have enough pouches on hand.

These A4 laminating pouches are specifically designed to fit standard A4 size documents. This makes them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to laminate certificates, ID cards, or important business documents, these pouches are the perfect size.

In a workplace, NXP Laminating Pouches A4 80 Micron Pack 100 can be used in various ways. They are perfect for laminating important health and safety notices, ensuring that they remain legible and protected in busy areas. They are also great for laminating training materials, allowing them to be reused and protected from wear and tear. Additionally, these pouches can be used to laminate promotional materials, such as posters and flyers, to give them a professional and polished look.

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