Exit Mould Trigger Spray 500ml

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Product Code86777410 Manufacturer Code3072765
  • Kills ingrained mould and mildew in just 3 minutes without scrubbing
  • Helps prevent mould from coming back
  • Leaves grout spotless and tiles sparkling clean
  • Penetrates porous surfaces to attack mould at the source
  • Convenient 500ml spray bottle
  • Liquid state for easy application
  • Acts as a disinfectant to kill germs and bacteria
    Exit Mould Trigger Spray 500ml - Powerful Mould and Mildew Remover for New Zealand Bathrooms
Say goodbye to stubborn mould and mildew with Exit Mould Trigger Spray 500ml. This powerful cleaning solution is specially formulated to kill ingrained mould and mildew in just 3 minutes, without the need for scrubbing. It not only removes existing mould but also helps prevent it from coming back.

Bathrooms are often prone to mould and mildew due to the humid climate. Exit Mould Trigger Spray is the perfect solution for tackling these issues. It effectively penetrates porous surfaces, attacking mould at the source and leaving grout spotless and tiles sparkling clean.

Using Exit Mould is quick and easy. Simply spray it on the affected areas, wait for 3 minutes, and wipe away the mould. No scrubbing required! The powerful formula works fast to eliminate mould and mildew, saving you time and effort.

Exit Mould Trigger Spray comes in a convenient 500ml spray bottle, making it easy to apply the solution exactly where it's needed. The liquid state allows for easy application and thorough coverage.

This product is not just a cleaner, it's a disinfectant too. Exit Mould Trigger Spray is specially designed to kill germs and bacteria, ensuring a hygienic and healthy environment in your bathroom.

Exit Mould Trigger Spray 500ml is the ultimate solution for tackling mould and mildew in New Zealand bathrooms. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and enjoy a clean and hygienic environment.


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