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Griffins Krispie Biscuits 250g

Product Code66669573NZOS Code110051Manufacturer Code44072
    • A delicious toasted coconut biscuit with a frilled edge
    • Ideal for meeting rooms, functions and teak kitchens
    • A 250g packet of toasted coconut biscuits
    • Contains: Wheat (Gluten), Milk products and Soybean Products
    • Produced in a factory handling Egg Products, Peanuts Other Nuts, and Sesame Seed
    • (Order 24 Packs to receive one Carton)
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    $3.29 /  pack 1
    * Offer expires Jan 31, 2022
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    Griffin's Krispie Biscuits are delicious toasted coconut biscuits that are made with real coconut. The perfect crispy biscuit for dunking in your favourite hot beverage. A delicious toasted coconut biscuit with a frilled edge.



    250 gm

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    Toasted Coconut

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