HP LaserJet Laser Toner Cartridge 48A Black

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Product Code25128828 NZOS Code661002 Manufacturer CodeCF248A
  • High-quality printing for your NZ workplace
  • Compatible with a range of HP LaserJet Pro models
  • Sharp, clear, and professional-looking documents
  • High page yield of up to 1000 pages
  • Easy installation and reliable performance
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing
  • Supports NXP's NXPlanet program
    HP 48A Black Toner Cartridge - High-quality printing for your NZ workplace
The HP 48A Black Toner Cartridge is a must-have for any New Zealand workplace that relies on high-quality printing. With its advanced technology and superior performance, this toner cartridge delivers sharp, clear, and professional-looking documents every time.

Designed specifically for HP LaserJet printers, this black toner cartridge ensures consistent results and hassle-free printing. It is compatible with a range of HP LaserJet Pro models including the M15A, M15W, MFP M28A, and MFP M28W, making it a versatile choice for various office setups.

In a New Zealand workplace, the HP 48A Black Toner Cartridge can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you need to print important reports, marketing materials, or client presentations, this toner cartridge will help you achieve impressive results. It is perfect for small businesses, government departments, education facilities, and professional service providers.

One of the key features of the HP 48A Black Toner Cartridge is its high page yield. With a yield of up to 1000 pages, this cartridge ensures that you can print more without frequent replacements, saving you time and money. It is ideal for high-volume printing environments where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are crucial.

Not only does the HP 48A Black Toner Cartridge deliver exceptional print quality, but it also offers easy installation and reliable performance. Simply insert the cartridge into your compatible HP LaserJet printer, and you're ready to start printing. The cartridge is designed to work seamlessly with your printer, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

When it comes to sustainability, the HP 48A Black Toner Cartridge is a responsible choice. It is manufactured using eco-friendly materials and processes, reducing its environmental impact. By choosing this cartridge, you are not only getting superior print quality but also supporting NXP's commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices through our NXPlanet program.

Upgrade your printing experience with the HP 48A Black Toner Cartridge. Order yours today and enjoy reliable, high-quality printing for your New Zealand workplace.