IPEX Hand Stretch Wrap Film Blown 500x400mm 23 Micron Clear

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Product Code19017314 Manufacturer CodeEBH0056
  • Very high puncture resistance
  • Ideal for items with sharp edges or uneven loads
  • Manufactured for strong and safe pallet unitisation
  • 17 Micron offers a low price per pallet
IPEX Blown Hand Film offers very high puncture resistance, particularly useful when wrapping items that have sharp edges or uneven loads. Our blown films are manufactured to achieve strong and safe pallet unitisation. 17 Micron offers a low price per pallet without compromising load stability.

Blown stretch wrap is tougher film than conventional cast stretch wrap. It has a higher tack than cast, which helps the wrap to stay secure. This makes it ideal for securing items with sharp edges or uneven loads. The high puncture resistance and low stretchability of blown stretch wrap make it very resistant to abrasion, ensuring that your wrapped items stay protected during transportation and storage.

In a New Zealand workplace, IPEX Blown Hand Stretch Wrap Film Clear can be used in various industries and settings. For example, it can be used in warehouses to secure pallets of products, ensuring that they are tightly wrapped and protected. It can also be used in manufacturing facilities to securely wrap finished goods before they are shipped to customers. Additionally, it can be used in retail stores to bundle products together for shipping or storage.