Kensington Back Support Memory Foam Black

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Product Code25080583 Manufacturer Code82025
  • High-density, viscoelastic memory foam
  • Temperature and pressure-sensitive foam molds to body shape
  • Developed by NASA to relieve G-force
  • Dissipates pressure for maximum comfort
  • Easy-to-adjust straps for universal chair fit
  • Removable, washable fabric cover included
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    Kensington Back Support Memory Foam - Give Your Back the Support It Needs
Are you tired of experiencing back pain and discomfort while working at your desk? Look no further than the Kensington Back Support Memory Foam. This innovative back support is designed to give your back the full support it needs, allowing you to work comfortably and pain-free.

The Kensington Back Support Memory Foam is made with high-density, viscoelastic memory foam. This special foam is temperature and pressure-sensitive, meaning it molds to the shape of your body for a personalized fit. It's like having a custom-made back support just for you!

Did you know that memory foam was originally developed by NASA to relieve astronauts of G-force during lift-off? That's right, this technology has been tested and proven to provide exceptional support and comfort. Now, you can experience the same benefits with the Kensington Back Support Memory Foam.

One of the key features of the Kensington Back Support Memory Foam is its ability to dissipate pressure. This means that it evenly distributes your body weight, reducing pressure points and providing maximum comfort. Say goodbye to back pain and hello to all-day comfort!

The Kensington Back Support Memory Foam is incredibly versatile and easy to use. It comes with easy-to-adjust straps that allow for a virtually universal chair fit. Whether you're using it at the office, at home, or even in your car, you can easily adjust the back support to fit your needs.

Not only is the Kensington Back Support Memory Foam comfortable, but it's also convenient. It comes with a removable, washable fabric cover, making it easy to keep clean and fresh. Simply remove the cover, toss it in the wash, and you're good to go!

Don't let back pain hold you back from being productive. Invest in the Kensington Back Support Memory Foam today and give your back the support it deserves!

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