Pomona Acrylic Packaging Tape Low Noise OPP 48mmx100m Clear

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Product Code66663529 NZOS Code665057 Manufacturer CodeS101C
  • Reduces tape unwinding noise
  • Suitable for use in food and freezer environments
  • FDA grade adhesive for safe use in food areas
  • Ample supply with 48mm width and 100m length
  • Contributes to a quieter work environment
    Low Noise OPP Acrylic Packaging Tape - Reduce Tape Unwinding Noise
Reduce tape unwinding noise with the Low Noise OPP Acrylic Packaging Tape. This specially treated oriented polypropylene film tape is coated with a high tack solvent-free acrylic adhesive, making it an excellent choice for packaging needs. With its low noise feature, it helps create a quieter work environment, minimizing disruptions and distractions in your workplace.

The Low Noise OPP Acrylic Packaging Tape is designed to be used in a variety of conditions, including food and freezer environments. Additionally, it has an FDA grade adhesive, which means it is approved for use in food areas, ensuring that your packaging remains safe and contamination-free.

This clear roll of tape measures 48mm in width and 100m in length, providing you with ample supply for your packaging needs. Its clear design allows for easy visibility of package contents, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The Low Noise OPP Acrylic Packaging Tape can be used in various industries and settings.

This packaging tape is also suitable for use in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and clinics, where maintaining a quiet and peaceful environment is crucial for patient comfort. Its FDA grade adhesive ensures that it is safe for use in medical settings, providing peace of mind when packaging medical supplies and equipment.

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