Varta Longlife 9V Battery Alkaline Pack 2

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Product Code25145117 Manufacturer Code4122249412
  • Powerful energy for power-hungry devices
  • Clear communication of recommended use by way of pictograms
  • "Single Press Out" enables easy opening of the pack and good storage for unused batteries
    Varta Longlife 9V Battery Alkaline Pack 2
The Varta Longlife 9V Battery Alkaline Pack 2 is the perfect solution for powering power-hungry devices in your New Zealand workplace. Whether you need to power smoke detectors, walkie talkies, motion detectors, or other high-energy devices, these batteries deliver powerful and reliable performance.

With its alkaline technology, these batteries provide long-lasting power, ensuring that your devices stay operational for extended periods. You can rely on these batteries to provide consistent and reliable power, giving you peace of mind in critical situations.

In a New Zealand workplace, it's essential to have clear communication about the recommended use of batteries. That's why the Varta Longlife 9V Battery Alkaline Pack 2 features pictograms that clearly indicate the devices for which these batteries are suitable. This ensures that you always use the right batteries for the right devices, preventing any potential damage or performance issues.

The pack design of the Varta Longlife 9V Battery Alkaline Pack 2 is also user-friendly. It features a "Single Press Out" mechanism that allows for easy opening of the pack, making it quick and convenient to access the batteries whenever you need them. Additionally, the pack is designed to provide good storage for unused batteries, keeping them organized and ready for future use.

This handy 2-pack of long-lasting alkaline 9-volt batteries is perfect for use in common smoke alarms and other appliances in New Zealand workplaces. With their reliable performance and durable construction, these batteries ensure that your devices remain powered and operational for extended periods. Trust the Varta Longlife 9V Battery Alkaline Pack 2 to deliver the power you need for your power-hungry devices.

Please note that the Varta Longlife 9V Battery Alkaline Pack 2 is recyclable, aligning with NXP's commitment to sustainability through our NXPlanet program. We believe in protecting the environment and supporting wider social, economic, cultural, and environmental outcomes beyond the immediate purchase of goods and services.
Sustainable Choices
  • Product and/or packaging meets defined standards for recycling via programmes operating in the NZ market

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