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will&able ecoDish Liquid - 1L

Product Code25133186 Manufacturer Code001-eco-1L-dish-liquid
  • Creating jobs for people with disabilities
  • Bottles are 100% recycled NZ milk bottles
  • Quality eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Closed-loop product reuse, clean & refill
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Our highly loved ecoHand Soap in a 1 litre refill option! Dispense into one of your ecoHand Soap bottles with its own pump or use your own dispenser. Our ecoHand soap is gentle, moisturises and smells beautiful with a cardamom and patchouli fragrance. Terry Morris and his team at Kemsol have developed and supplied our ecoDish Liquid. He guarantees it does not contain chemicals that would harm our waterways and our oceans. And he didn’t test it on animals. Terry’s team even collects rainwater off his factory roof and uses it to wash down the equipment.

Dean Hewetson is our other partner. His company developed and supplied us with 100% recycled plastic bottles made from NZ milk bottles. He was nervous at first when he recommended to go with 100% recycled bottles, mainly because they looked a little ugly. But as he said, they have a beautiful soul. Dean stress tested out bottles for 4 months and they stood up to the test.

If you want 100% recycled, that’s what you get. A funny colour that will vary from batch to batch depending on the quantity of different milk bottle tops. Why pretend you are eco when the packaging of eco products don’t use fully recycled bottles like us. That’s why we are eco, inside and out. Why go partially eco when you can go 100% with WILL&ABLE!

The following ingredients (sorry about the big words) in our ecoDish Liquid have been approved, making them safe for you and safe for our environment.
NXPlanetSustainable Choices
  • Product certified independently by an accredited, industry-accepted NZ or global third party to meet specified environmental, social or other sustainability standards
  • Product and/or packaging meets defined standards for recycling via programmes operating in the NZ market
  • Product contains 20% or more recycled post-consumer waste
  • Product and/or packaging meets defined standards for recycling via programmes operating in the NZ market
  • The manufacture, growth or disposal of the product delivers positive outcomes for people in terms of sustainable development, fair trade, health outcomes, workforce participation or equality
  • Packaging made from 30% or more rapidly-renewable materials, bio-based plastics or agricultural residues


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