Keeping NZers safe with PPE

The emergence of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of personal protective equipment, but keeping Kiwis safe and healthy will still be relevant long after the pandemic fades away. That is why, in doing our bit to maintain safe workplaces across New Zealand, all our PPE stock is available for next day delivery.

NXP has specialised in PPE for years now: not only do we offer consistently high quality personal protection equipment solutions - we are also on the cutting edge of innovative PPE technology. In a time when even the air around us can be suspect, we are constantly working to supply Kiwis with the technology they need to breathe freely again.

Innovations such as air ionisation and UVC light play an active role in safeguarding air quality, while methods like fogging and surface-sterilising allow staff to feel confident that they are entering a clean, healthy workplace. Businesses across the country are looking to give their people that confidence, so this is the perfect time to raise the bar in Health & Safety and PPE: and we have the products you need to do it. Whether you want to purify the air across a large workplace or just need a steady supply of masks, you will find what you need right here at NXP.

All about: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When used properly, alongside other infection control measures like regular hand washing, alcohol-based hand sanitisers and correctly covering coughs and sneezes, PPE minimises the spread of infection from person to person.

The following products are considered PPE, though definitions may vary slightly among health and aged care professionals, cleaners, and people working in high risk environments.

  • Respirator masks (N95 or FFP2 standard)
  • Surgical masks
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Gowns and overalls
  • Aprons
  • Boots / closed-toe work shoes
  • And in the current COVID19 environment, thermometers.

Safely donning (applying) and doffing (removing) masks and gloves

Donning Masks
  1. Wash/sanitise your hands
  2. Apply the mask, then adjust to fully cover nose and chin, pinching to secure around the nose
  3. Ensure a snug, comfortable fit, (crucial to avoid glasses fogging)
Doffing Masks
  1. Wash/sanitise your hands
  2. Remove using the elastic or ties: avoid touching your face or the mask fabric, then dispose of mask in a biohazard or closed bin
  3. Wash/sanitise your hands again

See the steps in action:

Donning Gloves
  1. Wash/sanitise your hands
  2. Apply gloves
Doffing gloves
  1. Using your other gloved hand, pinch the opposite glove at the bottom of your palm and peel off
  2. Slide your ungloved finger under the wrist of your other glove and peel off
  3. Wash/sanitise your hands

Handy hint: Imagine your gloves are covered in something disgusting and you can't stand to touch them.

Performing hand hygiene

See the steps in action: