Advance Coverzone Chairmat PVC Keyhole 1350Wx1140Dmm Clear

$182.75 each
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Product Code25134528 Manufacturer CodeCM11413PVC
  • Flexible PVC chair mat protects carpet from damage
  • Keyhole shape allows for easy mobility of chair and feet
  • Clear design suits any room interior
  • Built-in spikes hold mat securely in place
  • Suitable for carpet thickness up to 18mm
  • Reduces strain on back, hips, knees, and legs
  • No pin test required for installation
  • 2-year warranty for peace of mind
    Coverzone Chairmat PVC Keyhole 1350Wx1140Dmm Clear
This Coverzone Chair Mat is a must for any office. It is a flexible PVC chair mat that protects your carpet from damage in high use areas. The keyhole shape allows for space for your chair and feet, ensuring the user easy mobility while working at their desk or table. It has a clear design that will suit any room interior and the underside has spikes to hold it in place on any carpet pile thickness up to 18mm.

The Coverzone Chair Mat is designed to protect your carpet from high use wear, ensuring its longevity. With its tough PVC construction and built-in spikes, this chair mat stays securely in place, even when chairs with castors are moved around. This not only protects your carpet but also allows for easy mobility of any chair with castors.

Using the Coverzone Chair Mat can also help reduce strain on your back, hips, knees, and legs. By providing a smooth surface for your chair to roll on, it reduces the effort required to move around, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of discomfort or injury.

This chair mat is suitable for any carpet thickness up to 18mm thick, making it versatile for various office environments. Whether you have thick or thin carpet, this chair mat will provide the necessary protection and support.

No pin test is required for this chair mat, saving you time and effort during installation. Simply place it on your carpet and start enjoying its benefits right away.

The Coverzone Chair Mat comes with a 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and assurance of its quality and durability.

Add the Coverzone Chair Mat to your office furniture collection and experience the benefits of a protected carpet and improved mobility. Your office environment will thank you for it.