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Tips for setting up a home office space

Know What You Need

Before claiming a corner in one of your rooms and calling it good enough, make a detailed list of your needs for a home office and set up a space that meets those requirements.

Choose a Dedicated Area

Ideally, your office should be in a quiet area with some privacy. This is especially important if you share the house with a spouse, children, or roommates.

You may find that a spare room with a door can reduce noise from the rest of the house if you'll be on the phone frequently. Consider having a dedicated area that you use just for work.

Consider your immediate environment

Windows and exposure to daylight can impact physical and mental well-being. Working in a space with natural light can reduce headaches and eyestrain, allowing you to be more productive on a day-to-day basis and healthier in the long-term.

Keep a plant or two in your workspace. Having plants in the office can improve both your productivity and make you happier while your work.

Have a Place for Gadgets

Personal devices near you can be distracting during the workday. You may occasionally need to use your devices for work. But when they're not in use, your home office will be a more productive space if you have a dedicated spot where you store your smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets.

Have a Way to Keep Time

You'll be more productive if you get up and move throughout the day. These brief mental rest periods break up the workday and improve your focus.

When working from home, it's easy to forget about time. Before you know it, you've worked 14 hours for the third day in a row. Whether you choose to hang a clock on the wall or use the alarm on your phone, have some way to track time in your home office.